General Litigation Defense

General Litigation Defense

General Litigation Defense

Not all trial attorneys are created equal. Because of the way our civil court system has evolved, there is a significant difference in the case preparation, presentation of facts, and arguments used by plaintiffs attorneys and defense counsel.

I am attorney John McManus of Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan, and I actively litigate in various counties through the states of Michigan and Ohio, in the Federal Courts and trial courts throughout. For more than 25 years, I have focused my skills and experience on the defense side of litigation. Today, I am proud to represent individuals, business owners, major manufacturers, and insurance companies needing sound local defense counsel in jurisdictions throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Member Of The Prestigious National Retail And Restaurant Defense Association (NRRDA)

Over the years, the large majority of my litigation defense cases have been referred to me by word of mouth from satisfied clients. I am proud of my successful record, of course, but I am most proud to hear clients speak highly of my personalized attention, strong case preparation, and integrity.

I am proud to have represented many nationally renowned entities such as; Macy’s, Marshal Fields, Lord and Taylor, Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pepsi, in various state and federal cases. Furthermore, I have represented many defendants through their insurance companies on a demand by the client basis. Right now I am proud to represent Rite Aid and Servpro across Michigan and Ohio.

No Litigation Problem Is Too Complex

I have earned my reputation for success by focusing on the details that make a difference in the outcome of nearly every case. By listening to what clients want, need, and expect out of the litigation outcome, I craft a strategy based on getting the best possible settlement or trial verdict in their favor.

Throughout the case, I stay in close contact with my client or in-house counsel, empowering them with the knowledge to make the right decision at key times. Throughout the case, clients can have confidence that they have entrusted their litigation matter to an attorney with the right kind of experience.

Some of my most challenging and rewarding cases involve allegations of improper pharmaceutical/medication distribution during prescription fills. These cases are defended very strongly, relying upon the deep education, skill, integrity, and dedication of pharmacists, and their full compliance with all state and federal regulations. Just because a poor long-term result may occur based upon the patients treating physician’s treatment regimen there is no legal basis for a claim that a pharmacist did not fulfill their duties in an appropriate, professional, proper, and caring way. It is an honor and pleasure to support these individuals on a daily basis.

A Solid Record Across A Broad Range Of Litigation Matters

My record includes successful defense representation in litigation matters related to:

  • Pharmaceutical injury litigation defense
  • Motor vehicle accident personal injury defense
  • Wrongful death defense
  • Property owner liability defense
  • Product manufacturer liability defense
  • General business torts defense
  • Insurance property claims and litigation defense
  • Business partnership and shareholder litigation defense

A Lawyer Who Cares. A Lawyer Who Is Ready To Work Hard In Your Defense.

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