Gang Related Crimes

Gang Related Crimes

Gang Involvement Changes The Rules

If you are being charged with a crime and the United States Attorney or State Prosecutor connects that crime to gang activity, you are about to face serious additional charges. If you are being accused of a gang-related crime or believe that you will be charged with one, you should not wait; call an experienced attorney right away. Gang-related crimes come with extreme punishment. The right attorney can make all the difference for you and your future.

I am attorney John McManus. My practice provides criminal defense services to individuals in and around Metropolitan Detroit, including Detroit, Pontiac, Mt. Clemens, and all the smaller cities, towns, and municipalities in the area. As your attorney, I can create an innovative and highly effective defense. I can help you minimize the chance that you will be convicted, and I can help reduce the consequences if you are.

How Michigan Manages Gang-Related Criminal Activity

I litigated, as one of only two defendants to go to trial, the famous case of the Black Mafia Family. That particular charged enterprise shuttled controlled substances and sealed and hidden money from Mexico through Los Angeles, and to Detroit and other major cities. The case gained national notoriety due to its vast distribution ring and the involvement of the rap music industry and established individuals like Jacob the Jeweler, provider of very expensive jewelry to many rap stars. The trial lasted five weeks and had in excess of 50 witnesses in total, including government agents, experts, co-defendants, and laypeople.

I have also litigated other gang/enterprise cases including Seven Mile Bloods; Related Through Money; A1K, Six Mile Chedda; Highwaymen; and, Devils Disciples. In all these cases the government charged hundreds of defendants, highly placed and low in involvement, under the R.I.C.O. statutes, and sought lengthy prison terms, and even some death penalty-eligible defendants. No one similarly charged, and defended by me, has been subjected to this most final punishment.

If you are charged in a similar case, or with mail, wire, tax or Medicare fraud, public corruption, drug or gun allegations, theft or computer crimes, your case demands a lawyer with the experience, savvy, and ability to go toe-to-toe against the government machine on your behalf. Start working with me today.

Work With A Highly Regarded Criminal Defense Attorney

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