Drug Offenses

Drug Offenses

Defending Michigan Residents Against Drug-Related Charges

The United States is facing a drug crisis, and the criminal justice system’s response is severe, sometimes disproportionately so. Typically, the state responds with incarceration and harsh penalties, not compassion. Many of us in the Detroit area are all too familiar with the outcomes. If you are caught in possession of drugs or charged with a drug crime, you need to act fast to protect yourself.

My name is John McManus. I am an attorney based in Royal Oak. For more than a quarter-century, I have represented Michigan residents in court. I understand the power of negotiation and the dynamic needs of trial. I pay attention to the details and focus on the future. Email me today about your case.

How Drug Charges Change Lives Forever

If the police find you in possession of drugs, whether you’re selling or transporting them or there’s some other reason, you face serious consequences. Even a misdemeanor charge can prevent you from achieving your goals. A felony charge can lead to significant prison time, huge fines and other penalties. Some examples include:

  • Driver’s license suspension and revocation
  • Property confiscation
  • Extended probation times
  • Inability to use public services like housing programs and welfare
  • Lifetime incarceration

Do not risk your future; hire an experienced attorney who can handle a case like yours. Work with The McManus Firm.

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I focus on achieving positive results in drug cases, from marijuana possession to narcotics trafficking and other felonies. Your future and emotional well-being are at risk. I have intimate knowledge of Michigan’s drug laws. You can trust me to defend you. I can represent your interests at pre-court meetings and during trials.