Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense

Perhaps no other circumstances in life are more difficult than facing criminal charges. Facing the possible penalties of a conviction is certainly likely to be one of the most challenging times of your life. Whether you made a serious mistake, we’re in the wrong place with the wrong people or were wrongfully accused, you need more than a lawyer — you need experienced criminal defense counsel to protect your future.

Professional Respect Among Prosecutors And Judges

I am criminal law attorney John McManus of The McManus Firm in Royal Oak, Michigan. My defense litigation career goes back more than a quarter-century, with the last 20 years focused heavily on criminal defense in state and federal court.

When defense lawyers appear at an arraignment, negotiate with a prosecutor, argue a point in the judge’s chambers or examine a witness in court, their name and reputation precede them. I am proud to have earned high respect among peers. My reputation for integrity is my clients’ biggest advantage.

My professional credentials and record include being named as a panel attorney for Criminal Justice Act (CJA) cases in Michigan.

My experience includes successful defense representation in state and federal crimes, including:

  • DUI and related drunk driving offenses, including vehicular assault and homicide
  • Misdemeanor and felony narcotics offenses and related drug conspiracy charges
  • Sex offenses, including federal internet sex crimes
  • Fraud, conspiracy, public corruption and white-collar offenses, RICO charges
  • Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) charges, weapons offenses
  • Robbery, theft, burglary, and property crimes
  • Violent offenses, murder, homicide, manslaughter, assault
  • Domestic violence

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Whether you have come under police or FBI investigation or have already been arrested and charged, don’t say another word until you get sound protection of your rights.

From my office in Royal Oak, Michigan, I represent clients facing criminal charges in jurisdictions throughout Michigan and Ohio. Call 248-268-8989 or send an email to request a return call to schedule a consultation right away.